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Break free from the shackles of substance addiction by undergoing evidence-based treatment.

Our staff focuses on evaluating and treating individuals with alcohol, drug, or other substance-related disorders, including individuals with dual diagnoses of substance-related and other psychiatric disorders. Dr. Kolade and the team at Cal Psychiatric Services are committed to providing comprehensive, well-coordinated, accessible care for people who have problems with mental illness or addiction. We work with a wide range of clinical programs that provide support and rehabilitation services that meet the diverse needs of people who are at risk and are at different stages of their lives and illnesses.

Our staff works with family doctors, home support services, community agencies, and other health care providers to ensure clients and their families can receive assistance in their communities and homes if possible. Additionally, they address more significant issues that arise from four major factors affecting health— housing, employment, social support, and income support.

Our focus is on client-centered care. We recognize that everyone is different and that each client has individual social, physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs. Wherever possible, the care provided incorporates each individual’s preferences, needs, aspirations, and cultural beliefs into the treatment plan. Our organization supports diversity and strives to be sensitive to race, culture, ethnicity, gender, age, abilities, religion, and sexual orientation. Clients, their families, and their loved ones are all active partners throughout the care process.

Cal Psychiatric Services also offers Buprenorphine and office-based treatments for opioid dependence using Suboxone and Subutex.

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